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And That’s a Wrap 2022. But First…..

2022 has been quite the year for The REITE Club podcast with us hitting over 200 episodes since we started and now identified as one of the top 1.5% most popular shows out of almost 3 million podcasts globally as ranked by Listen Score.

We have also been recently recognized by as one of the best Real Estate podcasts in Canada and one of the Top 28 in North America to listen to – check out their list here The Top 28 Real Estate Podcasts You Should Add to Your Queue

And congratulations to our very own co-founder Sarah Larbi whose podcast also appeared on this list.

As a wrap-up for the year, we decided to ask our main co-hosts of the show what their favourite episodes have been this year.

Listen in as they share what inspired them this year and why;

Laurel Simmons
Episode 190 – From Welfare to Digital Nomad Lawyer

Episode 195 – Discipline and Mindset Equals Success in Real Estate Investing

Daniel St Jean
Episode 161 – From Police Officer to Real Estate Developer

Episode 192 – Importance of working with investor-focused realtors

Sarah Larbi
Episode 197 – Lessons From Becoming a Full-Time Real Estate Investor

Episode 202 – Understanding Landlord and Tenant Issues – A Paralegals Perspective

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Taking a Long-Term Real Estate Investing Perspective

This podcast features a conversation with two real estate investors and realtors from Calgary, Anthony Therrien-Bernard and Santosh Nathan. They discuss their own real estate investing experiences and strategies, as well as the market in Calgary.

Santhosh Nathan started investing in real estate while he was still a student at university in order to become financially independent. He did this by saving up money from his military service and using his mother as a co-signer on his first mortgage.

In 2012, Anthony Therrien-Bernard started buying property in Calgary. Despite the oil and gas crash of 2014-2015, their properties performed well. They attribute this to their investing strategies.

The speakers discuss how they got started in real estate investing and the changes they’ve seen in the market over the years. They mention that prices have gone up, but they both feel that it’s still a good time to invest.

The two realtors met randomly and decided to work together because they both have experience with real estate investing. They help investors find properties that fit their needs and budget.

They are both investors first and realtors second, and they feel that this gives them a unique perspective on the real estate market. They enjoy working with investors and feel that they are able to provide a valuable service to their clients.

The pros and cons of being a realtor and a real estate investor are discussed. The overlap between the two professions is also discussed. Strategies for getting started in real estate investing are recommended.

The Real Estate Investing Academy helps people by providing guidance on what strategy may be best for them, depending on their goals and risk tolerance. They also have a Facebook community where people can ask questions and connect with other investors.

In the Calgary real estate market, there has been a shift in prices due to seasonality. Properties are no longer selling for significantly above market value, and investors are more cautious about making purchase decisions. Real estate agents are working to provide more accurate projections and information to their clients to help them make informed investment decisions.

It seems that many buyers in Calgary are looking for properties with a “vendor takeback” option, where the seller holds the mortgage for a few years while the buyer makes the payments. However, sellers are often reluctant to do this. There is also less inventory on the market, which is keeping prices high.

The content discusses how it can be difficult to find financing for real estate investments, especially when the economy is struggling. However, things are beginning to improve, and investors from outside of Alberta are starting to show interest in the market again.

Santhosh Nathan and Anthony Therrien-Bernard discuss their favourite resources for real estate investing and the attributes that have made them successful. They both recommend podcasts and books as great resources for learning and emphasize the importance of having a long-term perspective in real estate investing.

They discuss the importance of getting into the market quickly and offer advice for those considering investing in real estate. In order to be successful in real estate investing, it is important to be analytical and have perseverance. Additionally, it is important to treat tenants more like customers than friends in order to stay firm with lease agreements.

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Facebook Group: Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub

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Preparing to Switch Strategies and Pivot

Brooke Shang is a real estate investor who has only been investing for five years but has already done numerous deals and adapted her strategies to the market.

She started investing in real estate in order to create wealth and reduce taxes and as a side hustle while working a full-time job. She was able to be flexible with her job in terms of hours and location, which allowed her to invest more time in real estate. 

Brooke took weekend courses and studied during the week, and also had a mentor who was already experienced in the field. She advises other investors to build up a power team of supportive people, including a network of other investors, a realtor, a lawyer, and a mortgage broker.

Her first investment property was her previous home, a condo in Toronto. Brooke has since converted a few duplexes into income properties and focuses on strategies that generate cash flow.

In this week’s podcast conversation, Brooke discusses different real estate investing strategies and how new investors can choose the right one for them. She recommends setting goals first and then learning about different strategies and how to properly execute them. She also says that it is possible to focus on more than one strategy at a time. She also discusses the importance of mindset and education when it comes to real estate investing. She also stresses the importance of creating a win-win situation for both parties involved in a deal.

Brooke wanted to write a book to show her son that it could be done and to brand herself. She ended up writing it with her son as an accountability partner, and they finished it in a matter of months. The book is about helping investors invest in real estate, with a focus on mindset and strategy. The author’s goal is to help readers feel comfortable getting started, and the book covers lease options and creative financing wholesaling.

The best advice Brooke has ever received is to learn like you’re going to die. This means being humble and constantly learning in order to be successful. The hardest thing she’s had to learn is to overcome fear, which can be self-doubt.

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Canadians Helping Canadians Invest in the US

Our guest this week is Michal Liviatan of, a real estate lending platform. In this interview, she discusses the importance of customer service and how the market has changed before and after COVID-19. She also mentions which markets are the most popular among Canadian investors and where she personally goes for resources.

Michal Liviatan is the head of the Canadian arm of Lendai, a US-based private lender that focuses on financing foreigners investing in US real estate. Michal has a background in the food and beverage industry. In her role as partner and customer success manager, she works with other professionals, realtors, and brokers to help foreign investors finance their US real estate purchases.

She describes how her experience in the food industry has helped her excel in her current role in the financial sector. She highlights the importance of excellent customer service and of being able to translate between Canadian and US investment markets. The Lendai team helps Canadians secure financing for their investments in the US. They offer due diligence, documentation, and turnarounds for their clients. The company was started in early 2019 by four foreigners to the US.

Michal discusses where Canadians have been investing in real estate in the US over the past few years. She notes that popular areas have been those that are within driving distance from Canada, such as Michigan, as well as California, New York, and Hawaii. He also notes that Arizona and Florida have been popular choices for Canadians looking to invest in real estate.

She notes that the market has changed due to the pandemic and that investors are now looking for shorter-term investments that will provide a higher return on investment. Lendai is currently exploring options for new products that will be available in the market.

The best advice Michal Liviatan has ever received from another investor is to always be aware of the exchange rate when dealing with foreign currencies. This will help minimize exposure to exchange rate fluctuations.

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Partners & Customers Success Manager
Lendai US Inc.

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Legalizing Second Suites to Build a Portfolio

Alisha Fuss and Patrick Bobczynski have been investing in real estate for a little over a year and a half, and they’re currently focusing on properties in the Calgary area. Living through renovations can be tough, but they’ve managed to stay together and have some fun along the way. The couple offers some great advice for other investors, including tips on how to avoid getting overwhelmed by all the information out there.

Alisha and Patrick discuss their strategy for investing in properties with illegal basement suites. They explained that it is easier to legalize an existing suite than to add one from scratch. They also discussed the requirements for adding a basement suite from scratch, which includes two furnaces, insulation, and drywall.

Both are real estate agents who specialize in finding and updating illegal basement suites. They say that it is relatively easy to update an illegal suite into a legal one and that doing so can save the owner a lot of money. They advise people interested in this type of investment to just dive in and not get overwhelmed by the information out there.

They discuss the importance of taking action and not over-analyzing when it comes to real estate investing. They mention that interest rates have been low for years and are now starting to rise again, which can be a good time to buy for investors. They also talk about a renovation project they are currently working on that is fairly extensive.

It is possible to save money by doing some of the work on a property oneself, and that YouTube can be a helpful resource for learning how to do this. They also say that finding good contractors is the most important thing.

The episode also covers how to save money on home renovation costs by doing some tasks yourself, such as painting and flooring. It also mentions that demolition can be tricky if you don’t know how the finished product will look, so it’s important to be thoughtful about what you’re taking out. The couple advises that if you are considering doing your own demolition for your home renovation project, it is smart to get someone else’s opinion who has done it before or is a contractor. They also say that it is important to have somebody to ask tough questions to when you are unsure what to do during the renovation process.

The best advice that Alisha and Patrick have received is to focus on one strategy and to get really good at it. This way, they can avoid getting distracted and can make the most of their time and resources. They also talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are doing what you want to be doing, in order to change your life.

Get in touch with Alisha and Patrick:
Instagram: @heelsandhammer_

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