Canadians Helping Canadians Invest in the US

Our guest this week is Michal Liviatan of, a real estate lending platform. In this interview, she discusses the importance of customer service and how the market has changed before and after COVID-19. She also mentions which markets are the most popular among Canadian investors and where she personally goes for resources.

Michal Liviatan is the head of the Canadian arm of Lendai, a US-based private lender that focuses on financing foreigners investing in US real estate. Michal has a background in the food and beverage industry. In her role as partner and customer success manager, she works with other professionals, realtors, and brokers to help foreign investors finance their US real estate purchases.

She describes how her experience in the food industry has helped her excel in her current role in the financial sector. She highlights the importance of excellent customer service and of being able to translate between Canadian and US investment markets. The Lendai team helps Canadians secure financing for their investments in the US. They offer due diligence, documentation, and turnarounds for their clients. The company was started in early 2019 by four foreigners to the US.

Michal discusses where Canadians have been investing in real estate in the US over the past few years. She notes that popular areas have been those that are within driving distance from Canada, such as Michigan, as well as California, New York, and Hawaii. He also notes that Arizona and Florida have been popular choices for Canadians looking to invest in real estate.

She notes that the market has changed due to the pandemic and that investors are now looking for shorter-term investments that will provide a higher return on investment. Lendai is currently exploring options for new products that will be available in the market.

The best advice Michal Liviatan has ever received from another investor is to always be aware of the exchange rate when dealing with foreign currencies. This will help minimize exposure to exchange rate fluctuations.

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