Preparing to Switch Strategies and Pivot

Brooke Shang is a real estate investor who has only been investing for five years but has already done numerous deals and adapted her strategies to the market.

She started investing in real estate in order to create wealth and reduce taxes and as a side hustle while working a full-time job. She was able to be flexible with her job in terms of hours and location, which allowed her to invest more time in real estate. 

Brooke took weekend courses and studied during the week, and also had a mentor who was already experienced in the field. She advises other investors to build up a power team of supportive people, including a network of other investors, a realtor, a lawyer, and a mortgage broker.

Her first investment property was her previous home, a condo in Toronto. Brooke has since converted a few duplexes into income properties and focuses on strategies that generate cash flow.

In this week’s podcast conversation, Brooke discusses different real estate investing strategies and how new investors can choose the right one for them. She recommends setting goals first and then learning about different strategies and how to properly execute them. She also says that it is possible to focus on more than one strategy at a time. She also discusses the importance of mindset and education when it comes to real estate investing. She also stresses the importance of creating a win-win situation for both parties involved in a deal.

Brooke wanted to write a book to show her son that it could be done and to brand herself. She ended up writing it with her son as an accountability partner, and they finished it in a matter of months. The book is about helping investors invest in real estate, with a focus on mindset and strategy. The author’s goal is to help readers feel comfortable getting started, and the book covers lease options and creative financing wholesaling.

The best advice Brooke has ever received is to learn like you’re going to die. This means being humble and constantly learning in order to be successful. The hardest thing she’s had to learn is to overcome fear, which can be self-doubt.

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