Taking the Stress out of ‘Stress Tests’

In this episode you will learn about:

  • What makes a good realtor for investors
  • A realtor’s tips for real estate investors
  • Investor-specific clauses to add to your agreements
  • Placing tenants – how to make sure they’re a good fit
  • Maximizing the market rents
  • Climbing the real estate investment financial ladder

Our guest this week, Derek McEwen walks you through the ins and outs of growing your portfolio from setting up your business, financing, choosing which strategy is right for you, finding partners and placing tenants – with tips to take the stress out of the process.

Get in touch with Derek McEwen:
Website:   https://www.stormrealty.ca
With negotiating a core part of his career for over 30 years, this real estate investor and real estate investor-focused realtor is definitely the one you want negotiating for you.  

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