Jumping in at 21. Invest. Adapt. Evolve.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to navigate the learning curve
  • What formal education and real life education taught her about REI
  • Why starting young was a true advantage
  • The most valuable things she’s learned along the way
  • Building your portfolio in different markets
  • How Rebecca structures her corporations
  • Getting started in REI – What to do when the bank says no

Guest: Rebecca Young

Rebecca Young reflects back on the lessons learned from purchasing her first property at age 21 with single-family dwellings and duplex BRRRRs to knowing when to step back to assess, reflect and restructure – allowing her to scale and build a portfolio with 41 units over 8 properties.

Get in touch with Rebecca:
Website: https://5to9.ca/

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