Macroeconomic Outlook & Regional Analysis for Real Estate Investors

Guest: Robert Hogue, Senior Economist RBC

The ownership market and rental markets have changed tremendously during the pandemic. Canadians have been saving more than ever and those on the higher end of the economic scale are faring much better than before while those on the lower end are suffering much more. Affordability and pricing increases are happening all over the country. It used to be only in large markets but now it is happening in small towns and a major shift is taking place.

Guest speaker Robert Hogue, Senior Economist with RBC explains this and more. Listen to the full interview to find out how you can use this information as an investor. Part 1 of 2 – the 2nd part of this interview will be a Q&A with questions from The REITE Community.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Will the government be stepping in to cool off the market?
  • Economic outlook: 2020 vs. today
  • Strong demand and low inventory…
  • Sellers are in the driver’s seat even in markets that used to be struggling
  • Pressure is more intense in already hot markets
  • Prices didn’t skip a beat overall
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