Take Advantage of Record Cheap Money & Prepare for Refis & BRRRRs

Guest: Brian Hogben, Mortgage Broker and Owner at Mission 35 Mortgages

Investor-focused mortgage agents should be living and applying what they preach. Mission 35 was founded after Brian paid off his mortgage before the age of 35. He now applies his wealth of knowledge to his own portfolio as well as his clients’. Brian also discusses the advantages of working with smaller credit unions and investing in the USA. Finally, he also discussed how important it is to get into a market so that you can eventually upgrade and find the long-term property you actually want.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Leveraging for success
  • Diversifying to grow your wealth
  • BRRRRing large multi-family properties
  • The importance of having the right people on your team
  • CMHC advantages and delays…
  • Using bridge financing while waiting for CMHC
  • Strategies to close in hot markets
  • Get your retirement home now!
Get in touch with Brian:
Website:   https://mission35mortgages.com/
Email: mortgages@brianhogben.com
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