Macroeconomic Outlook & Regional Analysis for Real Estate Investors- Part 2 Q&A

Guest: Robert Hogue, Senior Economist RBC

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In this episode, Laurel was able to ask questions gathered from the REITE Club community about what the economy could look like in the next few months and years. As benchmark prices have risen for housing, the fear of missing out has grown even more causing an overheated market. Policies could be put in place by the government in the coming months to calm things down. RBC isn’t predicting a market crash but rather a possibly soft or harder landing with prices stabilizing. Canada had been sustaining a 30% growth in population and supply was way too low to meet demand.

Guest speaker Robert Hogue, Senior Economist with RBC explains this and more. Listen to the full interview to find out how you can use this information as an investor. Part 2 of 2 – the 1st part of this interview was an overview of the current market macroeconomic situation.

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In the Part 2 episode you will learn about:

  • RBC is concerned about the market
  • The fear of missing out is fueling the madness
  • 40% downpayment for investment properties could be considered
  • Canada could crackdown on investors to cool the market
  • Savings went to housing & the stock market
  • The roaring 20s – 2021’s version could lead to massive inflation

Find out more about Robert’s work:

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