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Building A Real Estate Empire – Fast

Guest: Dylan Suitor, Real Estate Investor & Realtor

This week’s podcast guest Dylan Suitor, Real Estate Investor & Realtor, has always been exposed to real estate through his mother who was a mortgage broker. However, since becoming a serious real estate investor in 2018, Dylan has been able to scale to over 350 doors. He has done everything from flips, student rentals, Airbnbs, duplex conversions, triplex conversions and a 32 unit apartment building.

Dylan provides insights and advice on how to scale up your portfolio in a short amount of time by surrounding yourself with the right people and having the right mindset. He also provides advice on personal development and that growth can be chaotic but rewarding if you invest the time in yourself. Finally, he shares why he has invested in brokerages so that he can pass along the learning to other real estate agents in the business.

Dylan’s main message is that COVID is probably the greatest opportunity in our lifetime. In fact, opportunity shows up as obstacles and the time is now to go out there to find and execute on deals.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The power of surrounding yourself with people who can help you grow 
  • Dylan’s typical schedule & what keeps him up at night
  • Breaking down a 32 unit apartment building deal
  • Insights on how not to panic or lose sleep in real estate
  • Expanding and investing in brokerages 
  • 2021 goals and next steps 

Dylan Suitor is dedicated to offering his “Industry Best” expertise in residential real estate for clients in the Niagara, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton area. He believes in assisting clients in every endeavour whether buying a new dream home or selling the latest strategic residential business investment.

By upholding a 0% contract cancellation rate, Dylan strives to guarantee client satisfaction by utilizing an extensive knowledge of property renovation and a vast network of industry contacts. He will facilitate a customer’s every desire while smoothening the real estate transaction when marketing properties far and wide.

Dylan’s team of qualified and committed real estate agents will get the job done right! By honing his team of agent’s real estate matching skills through continuous education and professional development, he maintains a competitive edge for the individuals and families they work with. He can ensure that his customers receive the best price for their home; prices they deserve.  More importantly, Dylan listens to all his client’s wishes to only deliver those properties that match their needs.

With more than a decade of continuously improving performance and results in successfully helping clients, Dylan offers the ultimate customer service strategies, has met all key goals and deadlines for clients, and negotiated real winning results. His team of agents are all committed to doing the same.

Get in touch with Dylan:
Telephone: 905-592-4220

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Building a 200+ Door Portfolio in Less Than 10 Years

Guest: Adrian Panozzo, Real Estate Investor

Would you ever leave a six-figure job with a nice pension and benefits? Well this week’s podcast guest Adrian Panozzo, Real Estate Investor, was able to replace his income and left his job as a police officer earlier than expected. Initially, the plan was to make some passive income through real estate investing to subsidize his pension.

What was supposed to be 2 doors ended up exploding to over 200 doors in only 10 years using the Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (BRRRR) strategy in the Hamilton area. Adrian provides insights and advice on how to get started in real estate using your home equity and surrounding yourself with the right professionals. He also provides advice on utilizing joint venture partnerships and how to go about attracting them. His main message is to take action and just get started in real estate.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Advice on getting started  
  • Mistakes learned along the way
  • Insights on joint venture partnerships 
  • Tips on how to approach potential joint venture partners
  • Common exit strategies used 

Adrian Pannozzo AKA “Mr. Cash Flow” has a passion for helping others like him achieve generational wealth through his “buy, renovate, and refinance” strategy. He is changing the way people invest in multifamily real estate and looks to partner with people to help build generational wealth.

He was able to retire early after only 21 years as a Police Sergeant with the Peel Regional Police because of his investment successes. Nine years later, he has successfully partnered with a multitude of different investors. Adrian’s professional portfolio, built in less than a decade, is undeniable proof of his expertise, consisting of 50 investment properties or the equivalent of 200+ doors. 

Adrian is the founder and co-owner of Executive Properties Inc., a full-service property management company, the founder of Executive Properties Capital Inc., an investment company, co-founder of Mackay Realty Network and a sales representative with Keller Williams Complete (independently owned and operated).

Get in touch with Adrian:
Phone: 416-938-2641

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Ah What Memories – We Have Reached 100

Guests: Sarah Larbi, Alfonso Salemi, Laurel Simmons & Daniel St-Jean

What are the most memorable moments? Past guests? Remember those live events?

Reite Club Co-Founders, Sarah Larbi, Alfonso Salemi, Daniel St-Jean & Laurel Simmons reflect on the past 4 years sharing their most memorable moments and guests that have been on the podcast and at live events. They also discuss some positive takeaways from 2020 and how things have changed with the pandemic and having to be extra creative during these uncertain times.

New this year is the Reite Club Online Community (ROC). It is a place where you can go to find real estate investing and business answers and network with like-minded people. There are interactive forums, all of the podcast episodes and hours of videos with a wide range of real estate investing training and education. It is free to join so take advantage of this opportunity to Come Grow With Us at   

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Reflections on the past 4 years
  • Favorite moments at events 
  • Amazing words of advice from prior guests 
  • Positive takeaways of 2020 

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Exploring Alternative Investing Options

Guest: Steve Blasiak, Private Market Specialist

Real estate investors and entrepreneurs are naturally out of the box thinkers and are constantly looking for ways to diversify their portfolios. Without even realizing it, they may even already have alternative strategies such as second mortgages and alternative lending. This week’s podcast guest Steve Blasiak, Private Market Specialist, provides even more alternative investment options and the biggest difference is that these investments are regulated.


Steve provides insights and advice on alternative investment options. He also walks us through examples of different short-term, medium-term and long-term investment options. His main message is that there are many alternative investment opportunities and it is a great way to balance your portfolio.

In this episode you will learn about: 

  • Alternative investing options and opportunities
  • Why have people not heard of alternative investing before?
  • Understanding the risks of these investments
  • Examples of short term, medium-term and long-term investment options
  • Explaining the pension style portfolio

Stemming from a background immersed in the residential and commercial construction industry, Steve Blasiak brings over 30 years of accumulated experience to his current passion and post in wealth management consulting.

Beginning with coating sales, Steve’s subsequent success in recycled paints garnered national attention and new and ever-evolving conversations as a Green LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) consultant with all interested parties; from contractors to architects, property managers to land developers, all contributed to Steve’s diverse understanding and innate ability to assess value for money as it pertains to property development.

Steve focuses on commercial industrial and retail service and sales solutions; applying communication and behaviour strategies that exemplify persuasion and influencing excellence. His expertise with key account management and relationship development has been a direct reflection of his unwavering positive energy. Beyond business, presentation, motivation and training success, he incorporates a personal coaching style and skill that offers individuals the opportunity of achieving the balance they seek between their business and personal life.

Comfortably transitioning from on-the-scene to behind-the-scene, Steve now enjoys the role of creating investor and investment matches, both as a licensed Mortgage Agent and Private Market Specialist. Recognizing a sound investment opportunity includes all aspects; from concept and strategy to the communication and execution and everyone involved. Steve aims as his mission to maximize all potential gains for both investor and investment success.

Get in touch with Steve:


Phone: 416-464-3085

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