Psychology Behind Thriving in Real Estate Investing

Nancy Morris stumbled upon an unexpected twist that challenged everything she thought she knew about achieving goals. What did she discover? And how did it change the game for her and others? Stay tuned to find out.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend the cruciality of setting performance targets for effective real estate investments.
  • Uncover the power of adopting the right mindset and psychological approach in real estate investing.
  • Master the art of breaking down desired results into feasible tasks that propel investment success.
  • Realize the impact of one’s language on self-image and investment performance.
  • Nurture a progressive thought process that contributes to triumphant real estate ventures.

Our special guest is Nancy Morris, a renowned expert in the field of business psychology, who is passionate about guiding real estate investors toward success by helping them better understand their mindset and the role it plays in their investment journeys. 

With her extensive background in motivation and mindset, Nancy has shared her invaluable insights through speaking engagements and podcasts, including The REITE Club Podcast. As a close friend of Laurel Simmons, Nancy continues to be a valuable resource for investors seeking to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals in the ever-changing real estate market.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Check out Nancy Morris’ website,, for more information and resources on business psychology.
  • Set specific, measurable performance goals rather than focusing solely on desired outcomes.
  • Write down different approaches or strategies for achieving your investment goals each day for a week.
  • Focus on what you can control or be in charge of, rather than investing your mindset in external factors beyond your control.
  • Seek out a coach or mentor to help guide and support your real estate investment journey.

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Nancy Morris, Psychologist (MSc in Applied Psychology)

Nancy Morris is a Business & Performance Psychology Consultant, Speaker, and Author. She has 19 years of academics under her belt and is about to pursue a PhD. Some of her clients refer to her as an  “un-guru” – a no-nonsense specialist in translating the academic theories of business psychology and people development into actionable insight for the real world.

For almost 20 years, Nancy’s science-backed systems have helped thousands of solopreneurs and self-employed professionals (e.g./ lawyers, commercial and residential real estate agents) master the mind game of productivity, creating more consistent revenue and feeling more confident, focused, and valuable at work.

Nancy’s real difference is that she doesn’t float on a cloud with idealistic platitudes or arrive on a stage with fireworks and empty hype. She delivers proven, science-backed advice and ongoing strategy in a system that simply works. She is the same person out at the pub and behind the podium. She is not about pantsuits, long-winded speeches, or pie-in-the-sky ideals. Instead, she cracks jokes, gets vulnerable, doesn’t pull any punches, and says what you need to hear and how you need to hear it while laughing along as your outcomes are improved.

Nancy has written a book on procrastination called Procrastinate Now: Rethinking Time Management and listeners can download it for free from her website.