How to invest in Detroit as a Canadian 

The next real estate investment markets for Canadians may well NOT be in Canada. As the markets in Canada continue to offer less investing upside either because of expensive inventory, higher interest rates or lower cash flow, many real estate investors are starting to look South of the border.

Is the market that much different in the US? If you look at the more popular areas like California or New York then there is little difference between them and Toronto or Vancouver.

But take a look at cities with a more recent downside and there are plenty of opportunities. Detroit is one such market. Our podcast guests those week, Voytek Mardula and James Lloyd of US have been focused on Detriot for the last 5+ years and have local knowledge and expertise and a full turnkey operation that makes it so much more seamless for Canadians to consider investing in the US.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Why Detroit is not seeing the drop off of other markets.
  • Growth opportunities for investors in Detroit.
  • What to consider when investing in the US as a Canadian.
  • Local financing options versus Canadian money sources.
  • The best Detroit neighbourhoods for cash flow and appreciation

Voytek Mardula, a lifelong entrepreneur, has owned and operated businesses in various industries over the last 25 years, including hospitality, brand name apparel and telecommunications. In the last 12 years, he has also gained extensive experience in investing in and managing rental properties, both in the US and Canada. Voytek’s current focus is on US real estate, primarily in Detroit. In addition to buying and selling turnkey investment properties in the US, the property management company which he owns, operates and manages over 300 doors in the greater Detroit area. 

James Lloyd is the Canadian Sales Manager for  With over 17 years of definitive experience in hospitality and sales management experience, he has a passion for customer service and client relations.  On a daily basis, he is responsible for overseeing the company’s client development and helping Canadian investors every step of the way with a turnkey solution for purchasing cash flow positive real estate in the Detroit area.  Outside of work James enjoys living a healthy, active lifestyle and spending time with his young son.

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