From Stand-Up Comedian to International Sales & Investment Trainer

Guest: Pip Stehlik, MBA & International Sales and Investment Trainer

Naysayers are your biggest barrier to your success and this can include yourself! Pip explains how he went from earning 35k per year to being an international sales trainer and a very successful real estate investor. He goes on to explain how investing in yourself is crucial and will help you grow. Pip also briefly discussed investment opportunities in the USA where taxation is most advantageous such as in Florida, Texas and Nevada.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Pip was one of Alfonso’s first mentors
  • He’s taught a lot in Canada even though he’s American
  • How Rich Dad Poor Dad has changed his life
  • Zig Ziglar’s influence on his investment career
  • Investing in mentors is essential
  • So many ways to invest! Flips, wholesaling, lease options and more!

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