Lessons Learned In Scaling Up To Over 200 Doors

Guest: Sandy MacKay, Real Estate Investor & Realtor

Did you know that 90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate? But to achieve that status you need to take action. Well this week’s guest, Sandy MacKay, Real Estate Investor & Realtor, built up his portfolio to over 200 doors by taking action. He has done everything from creative wholesaling deals, fix & flips, JVs, buy and hold and multi-family. His company now helps clients build generational wealth through real estate.

Sandy provides insights and advice on being an investor-focused realtor and insights on how to scale up your portfolio. His main message is to take action and stop wasting time continuously reading and listening to things. Instead, go out and apply the learning and grow along the way.


In this episode you will learn about:

– Going from an investor to a realtor
– Pros and cons of getting a realtor’s license
– Finding deals and lessons in scaling up
– Who is the perfect JV partner?
– Getting the conversation started for a JV partnership

Sandy Mackay is an experienced realtor and investor with Keller Williams Complete Realty in Hamilton, Ontario. He has worked on hundreds of real estate transactions since 2011 when he got his start as a private sales consultant with PropertyGuys.com and also as a real estate wholesaler. He began his investment career in the Durham Region and now focuses on Hamilton where he currently resides.His main focus currently is to provide a world-class experience for his clients and acquiring great investment properties for himself and his partners. Sandy is also one of the hosts of the Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast,
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Email: sandy@mackayrealtynetwork.com

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