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Guest: Mark Frentz, Real Estate Investor & Executive Coach

We want to have more time, more freedom, more money, better relationships, but in order to get what we want, we need to DO specific things in a specific way, and the only way to ensure we can accomplish this we first need to become.

This week’s guest Mark Frentz, Real Estate Investor & Executive Coach helps business people find their passion, tap into their confidence & make money doing what they love.
His main message is that we need to trust ourselves enough to invest in ourselves. Also, smile more, seek to understand and listen to people because you learn when you are listening. If you put the time and patience into something this will all lead to your success.

In this episode you will learn about:
– Common things people can’t get past
– Solutions to the fear of sales
– Tips on networking virtually
– Strategies for attracting JV partners
– Tips for practicing patience
– Action items for planning

At the age of 20, Mark sat in an audience where the speaker challenged “become sagacious in order to invest in others” This ignited a spark in him, a lifelong passion was born. To learn and grow in multiple areas and disciplines making it possible to invest, support and experience positive change in himself and those who reached out to him.

Over the past 17 years Mark has lived in Sweden, then in China, studied multiple languages, achieved a master’s degree in psychology, and thrown himself into fields that much of our society talks about with discomfort. His draw always to reach those who are in the deepest need. Supporting his greatest passion to journey with others no matter where they find themselves in order to grow, together, at a pace that fits the individual.

Home is Calgary working as a consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute focusing on how people can reach much more of their potential by understanding their deepest desires and then learning motivation and moving past procrastination toward success, inspiration, and fulfilment in life.

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