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Value Investing Secrets From Bamboo and Streetlight Analogies

Guest: Harry James, Real Estate Investor, and Entrepreneur
How do you handle the ups and downs and cyclical nature of real estate? Listen to the advice from someone who has been investing in real estate and in other businesses for well over 40 years. This week’s guest, Harry James, Real Estate Investor, and Entrepreneur, provides insights and advice on what he term’s value investing. He has invested in everything from commercial to single-family homes and everything in between. The biggest takeaways are to buy the building you are running your business in and to build wealth in real estate over time. Also, don’t be so focused on your goals, that you miss out on the present.
In this episode you will learn about:
  • How to manoeuvre the ups and downs of market shifts
  • Tips on breaking through fear and how to talk yourself through the tough times
  • Streetlight analogy
  • What is something tangible an investor can do today
  • Chinese bamboo plant analogy
  • How to keep yourself motivated to push forward
Harry James has been dispensing advice for real-life since 1984 and is a serial entrepreneur. He is also a businessman, a strategic consultant and a motivator. Harry has built one of Canada’s premier independent financial planning boutiques and sold it for an unprecedented price.
Along with his primary business, an extensive net worth building practice with a robust employee benefits division, Harry’s portfolio includes three restaurants, a natural stone quarry, and over the past 20 years, has orchestrated in excess of $100 million worth of real estate deals.
Harry has earned his black belt in successes and failures and that experience resonates with people. Many entrepreneurs that he has spoken to across Canada have adopted his “Vital Signs” philosophy of “building a business and a life” which is more than a personal philosophy, it’s what he lives every day.

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Survey Trends For Small Landlords

Guest: Tony Miller, Real Estate Investor & Realtor
COVID-19 has had numerous impacts on the real estate market and for tenants and landlords. This special episode is a conversation with Tony Miller, Real Estate Investor & Realtor where he provides insights and advice on the real estate market and shares his survey results for small landlords. The biggest takeaway is we all need to do a better job of stepping up, getting involved and create a stronger community as professional landlords. Take Tony’s survey so that there will be more data for analysis and information will be posted in the forum at

In this episode you will learn about:
– Updates on the cottage rental market
– LTB updates
– What is Bill 184 and what does it mean for investors?
– Tenant screening steps
– Small landlord survey results and insights
– Should you sell in this market?

Tony Miller is an Investor Focused Realtor and is also known as “Mister Ottawa.” He helps people build wealth, by sharing proven strategies and tools to invest in residential and commercial properties in and around the Ottawa area.

Tony will use your why/goals, financial situation, and intestinal fortitude (aka risk tolerance) to determine the best investment strategies that will help you reach your goals. He will be honest and when needed explain why the investment property you want to buy is a lousy investment.

He will take the time that is necessary to explain that using economic fundamentals and understanding the real estate cycle are the foundations to sound real estate investing. Tony only works with a limited number of clients at a time and will tell you if he is too busy for new clients. He will introduce you to the best Investor Focused Realtors in other markets if you choose to park your money elsewhere.

Tony has been interviewed by local and national media including MoneySense Magazine, Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, and Rogers TV.
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A Day In The Life of a Real Estate Investor & Realtor

Guest: Michael Domenichetti, Real Estate Investor & Realtor
Investing in real estate can have its ups and downs and take it from someone who has invested in real estate for well over 30 years. People may even wonder if they should become a realtor, as well as, a real estate investor. So, this week’s guest, Michael Domenichetti, Real Estate Investor & Realtor, provides insights and advice on investing in real estate and what a day in the life of a realtor really looks like. The biggest takeaway is to keep things simple and not over complicate them because you will just end up getting overwhelmed.
In this episode you will learn about:

– Key fundamentals on good vs. bad deals
– When are the lowest vs. the highest average price points for homes during the year
– Key benefits and challenges for new investors
– Main items in a home that will get you the greatest returns
– The importance of having a target purchaser
– Advantages & disadvantages of being a realtor
– Key stats to look for on a first purchase or a long term purchase

Michael Domenichetti was exposed to real estate investing at the young age of 10 years old. His Grandfather ran a bordering house when he first came to Canada and his Father flipped houses. Later on, his Father bought rental properties and they ended up with a total of 14 doors to take care of so it was very much a family affair. In fact, Michael’s first date with his now wife was tiling the bathroom at one of his flip projects.

Becoming a Real Estate Sales Representative seemed a natural choice for Michael as houses have been such a big part of his life in one way or another. His father also has been a Realtor for over 12 years now and he has been able to work with him learning the trade, as well as working together on transactions.

Michael’s experience with sales and the knowledge of home renovation and construction has been a valuable asset in assisting clients in their real estate transactions. He has a wife and 2 young girls.

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Investing Advice On Commercial Deals From The Arm Chair Investor

Guest: Mark Gonneau, Real Estate Investor

Investing in multi-family properties can have added advantages and benefits versus other real estate investing options.  With over 100 properties, this week’s guest, Mark Gonneau, Real Estate Investor, provides unique insights and advice on investing in commercial deals.

In this episode learn about:
– Why multi-family vs. other strategies
– Defining DCR and how to calculate it
– Tips on terms and lenders for commercial deals
– The pros and cons of CMHC, and how you can theoretically forecast their appraisals
– What criteria lenders are looking for to lend on commercial deals for first-time investors
– Advice for vetting property managers
– Common mistakes

Mark Gonneau started investing in real estate at the young age of 18 years old. His primary focus is on the Multi-Family Value-Add strategy or, in other words, the BRRRR at the next level. Fast forward to today, he currently owns over 100+ properties.

Also known as The Arm Chair Investor, Mark enjoys helping others by mentoring and coaching on how to create Inter-Generational Wealth Through Real Estate and Passive Real Estate Investing For Active Professionals – all from the comfort of your chair.

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