Value Investing Secrets From Bamboo and Streetlight Analogies

Guest: Harry James, Real Estate Investor, and Entrepreneur
How do you handle the ups and downs and cyclical nature of real estate? Listen to the advice from someone who has been investing in real estate and in other businesses for well over 40 years. This week’s guest, Harry James, Real Estate Investor, and Entrepreneur, provides insights and advice on what he term’s value investing. He has invested in everything from commercial to single-family homes and everything in between. The biggest takeaways are to buy the building you are running your business in and to build wealth in real estate over time. Also, don’t be so focused on your goals, that you miss out on the present.
In this episode you will learn about:
  • How to manoeuvre the ups and downs of market shifts
  • Tips on breaking through fear and how to talk yourself through the tough times
  • Streetlight analogy
  • What is something tangible an investor can do today
  • Chinese bamboo plant analogy
  • How to keep yourself motivated to push forward
Harry James has been dispensing advice for real-life since 1984 and is a serial entrepreneur. He is also a businessman, a strategic consultant and a motivator. Harry has built one of Canada’s premier independent financial planning boutiques and sold it for an unprecedented price.
Along with his primary business, an extensive net worth building practice with a robust employee benefits division, Harry’s portfolio includes three restaurants, a natural stone quarry, and over the past 20 years, has orchestrated in excess of $100 million worth of real estate deals.
Harry has earned his black belt in successes and failures and that experience resonates with people. Many entrepreneurs that he has spoken to across Canada have adopted his “Vital Signs” philosophy of “building a business and a life” which is more than a personal philosophy, it’s what he lives every day.

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