The Advanced Edition of the Legalities on Private Equity

Guest: Ryan Carson, Investor & Lawyer & Adam Batstone, CIM, Private Equity Investor & Finance Executive

Ryan Carson is the fearless leader of the Carson Law team, establishing the firm in 2013 after working for someone else for 6 years. An undergraduate of Acadia University, Ryan majored in Kinesiology with intentions of going into the sports business or becoming a pro sports agent. The only athlete he ever represented never made it very far and Ryan found his true calling working intimately with people, families, and businesses. His main focus is in corporate law, wills & estates and real estate law.

One of Ryan’s greatest accomplishments is the fact that he has grown from being a one lawyer shop with only a single administrator to where he now oversees the daily operations at two law firms that employ over 20 people combined. However, Ryan is most proud of the beautiful family that he has built, consisting of his wife and two children.

Adam Batstone is the founder and CEO of a private investment boutique focused on wealth creation through private direct investment called Two Sevens Capital. Their goal Is to create $1 Billion in wealth for their clients and partners by 2030. Adam’s principal focus is in finance and he brings nearly 20 years of progressive professional experience in the areas of Wealth Creation & Investment Management.

Private Equity, Private Equity Real Estate, and Alternative Investments are the specific areas of Adam’s expertise and to date, he has been professionally involved with nearly 5,000 Canadian families over his career. He also holds the professional designation of Chartered Investment Manager (CIM).
In this episode learn about:
– The basic functionality of private equity
– Security measures to look for to protect yourself
– GPLP vs REIT’s and their pros & cons
– How reporting works for investors
– How investors make an investment and how they can get out of deals
– Term durations

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