The Queens Inside View into the World of JV

Guest: Mandy Branham, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

Mandy Branham CEO of Solutions Driven is a hard-working entrepreneur that realized back in 2007 that she was working hard to make others rich and she was just simply getting by.

Now known as the Queen of JV’s, Mandy attracts passive JV investors, offering them mentorship and high ROI so they too can live out their dreams with passive income through real estate.

Earning her mettle with 88 transactions in six years and establishing herself as a mentor for those entering into the business of Joint Ventures, Mandy has been an expert Real Estate Investing panellist at the Investor Forum – Toronto Ontario, a popular guest on numerous Podcasts as well as The Everyday Investor show hosted by Rav Toor, sharing her expertise to help others expand their portfolios.
A self-taught Housing Developer, Mandy walks the talk with the importance of keeping things in-house with her own construction company and property management company.Mandy is a wife to Larry, mother to Megan and Jacob, daughter and sister. She is a great listener, straight shooter, no BS kinda girl. From the outside, she is confident and strong.  From the inside she is, like many others, still finding the inner self-confidence and self-love. Mandy is a dedicated community supporter, providing many services and giving of her time on boards and committees to better the future of her town.

In this episode learn about:
– Fears of growing so fast – including cash factor fear and financial psychology
– Joint Ventures – the most important tips you need to know
– Where to invest? Stay? Pivot? Long term? Short Term? How to find properties … –
– Determining what strategies to use … including JV Exit strategies
– Building a power team – and why she recommends having your own ‘in house’ team
– Are the numbers and percentages working for you? Mandy gets down and dirty with the facts behind the percentages and talks about the 1%.

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