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The Advanced Edition of the Legalities on Private Equity

Guest: Ryan Carson, Investor & Lawyer & Adam Batstone, CIM, Private Equity Investor & Finance Executive

Ryan Carson is the fearless leader of the Carson Law team, establishing the firm in 2013 after working for someone else for 6 years. An undergraduate of Acadia University, Ryan majored in Kinesiology with intentions of going into the sports business or becoming a pro sports agent. The only athlete he ever represented never made it very far and Ryan found his true calling working intimately with people, families, and businesses. His main focus is in corporate law, wills & estates and real estate law.

One of Ryan’s greatest accomplishments is the fact that he has grown from being a one lawyer shop with only a single administrator to where he now oversees the daily operations at two law firms that employ over 20 people combined. However, Ryan is most proud of the beautiful family that he has built, consisting of his wife and two children.

Adam Batstone is the founder and CEO of a private investment boutique focused on wealth creation through private direct investment called Two Sevens Capital. Their goal Is to create $1 Billion in wealth for their clients and partners by 2030. Adam’s principal focus is in finance and he brings nearly 20 years of progressive professional experience in the areas of Wealth Creation & Investment Management.

Private Equity, Private Equity Real Estate, and Alternative Investments are the specific areas of Adam’s expertise and to date, he has been professionally involved with nearly 5,000 Canadian families over his career. He also holds the professional designation of Chartered Investment Manager (CIM).
In this episode learn about:
– The basic functionality of private equity
– Security measures to look for to protect yourself
– GPLP vs REIT’s and their pros & cons
– How reporting works for investors
– How investors make an investment and how they can get out of deals
– Term durations

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The Queens Inside View into the World of JV

Guest: Mandy Branham, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

Mandy Branham CEO of Solutions Driven is a hard-working entrepreneur that realized back in 2007 that she was working hard to make others rich and she was just simply getting by.

Now known as the Queen of JV’s, Mandy attracts passive JV investors, offering them mentorship and high ROI so they too can live out their dreams with passive income through real estate.

Earning her mettle with 88 transactions in six years and establishing herself as a mentor for those entering into the business of Joint Ventures, Mandy has been an expert Real Estate Investing panellist at the Investor Forum – Toronto Ontario, a popular guest on numerous Podcasts as well as The Everyday Investor show hosted by Rav Toor, sharing her expertise to help others expand their portfolios.
A self-taught Housing Developer, Mandy walks the talk with the importance of keeping things in-house with her own construction company and property management company.Mandy is a wife to Larry, mother to Megan and Jacob, daughter and sister. She is a great listener, straight shooter, no BS kinda girl. From the outside, she is confident and strong.  From the inside she is, like many others, still finding the inner self-confidence and self-love. Mandy is a dedicated community supporter, providing many services and giving of her time on boards and committees to better the future of her town.

In this episode learn about:
– Fears of growing so fast – including cash factor fear and financial psychology
– Joint Ventures – the most important tips you need to know
– Where to invest? Stay? Pivot? Long term? Short Term? How to find properties … –
– Determining what strategies to use … including JV Exit strategies
– Building a power team – and why she recommends having your own ‘in house’ team
– Are the numbers and percentages working for you? Mandy gets down and dirty with the facts behind the percentages and talks about the 1%.

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Understanding Different Wealth Solutions Through Insurance

Guest: Ara Movsessian, Wealth Solution Advisor, MBA

Ara Movsessian is a High Net Worth Advisor, specializing in advice pertaining to insurance, estate planning, and financial structuring to real estate investors/developers, business owners, and high-income professionals. He draws on deep experience in private & commercial banking, and a particular strength in dealing with complex scenarios and HNW Insurance cases, reaching top status nation-wide in the industry and becoming a strategic partner for some of Canada’s wealthiest families and most prominent advisors.

Able to build trust and credibility quickly with wealthy clients and professional partners serving them Ara is able to understand a client’s goals, aspirations, and needs and help them along this path. He does this with a consultative and solutions-based approach that is well thought out, shows due care for their unique circumstances and needs, and is explained in a way that makes sense.
Ara holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University, B.A., Economics from Simon Fraser University, and a Certificate in Adult Training & Development from the University of Toronto. He maintains an active lifestyle including enjoying competitive volleyball and soccer, martial arts, and general fitness. He is a proponent of financial literacy amongst the youth and has been a teacher with Junior Achievement Canada for several years. He lives in Thornhill with his wife and two children.

In this episode learn about:
– Why it is important to make a plan for your real estate assets and net worth
– How to plan for capital gains liquidity needs
– How the general masses vs. the high net worth leverage credit
– Tips using your HELOC
– Where else to invest besides real estate

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Property Management Fundamentals While Investing in New Brunswick

Guest:  Jeff Murray, Real Estate Investor & Property Manager

Jeff Murray, born and raised in St John, New Brunswick got started in real estate nearly 10 years ago buying an investment property from a friend and mentor. The rental market at the time was soft because many people were leaving the city to get work out west.

However, Jeff was always successful in maintaining high occupancy rates in his properties, understanding the significance of maintaining the investments, so when an opportunity came along to buy the name and concept of Canada Homes for Rent, his entrepreneurial DNA kicked in and he was suddenly a property management business owner.

Focused initially on single-family homes, Jeff and his wife built the management portfolio to 70-80 homes when they realized they needed more help. 7 years later, Canada Homes for Rent has a team of around 30 managing 1,000 properties for 180+ owners/investors. Jeff proudly still manages the very first property that he started with.

Canada Homes for Rent is a property management and residential leasing company, started its operations in Saint John and soon expanded to Moncton, Fredericton and other places throughout New Brunswick. Seamlessly managing a variety of houses, apartments, condos and commercial spaces, offering 24/7 service and maintaining an average of 95% occupancy on its rental units.

Gaining much of its business by referral, the company offers a wide range of services, which include; in-depth tenant screening, extensive advertising, tenancy agreement, move-in/move-out inspections, leasing, client co-ordination, mail forwarding, property viewing, repairs and renovations, in-house cleaning, lawn care and snow removal and overall property management.

You will learn about:
– Landlord & Tenant laws
– Airbnb management advice
– Insights on today’s market financials
– Is there a rent increase cap?


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How Hardwork & Creative Financing Strategies Leads to Success

Guest: Vee Khuu, Real Estate Investor, Coach & Podcaster

Vee Khuu is a real estate investor, coach, consultant and podcaster. Vee came to the U.S. legally in 2003 after a lengthy immigration process of over 20 years. Not knowing much English, Vee had to study the language in school and took a job as a telemarketer to practice communicating with people around him.

Coming from a communist country, not knowing English, Vee’s story is the perfect example of how anybody can overcome the obstacles in their life and achieve their dreams.

Vee began his real estate investing career by wholesaling properties around the Denver Metro area. He has been involved in well over $15M in real estate transaction value, hosted workshops on various subjects (from marketing, lead generation, to SEO and general real estate investing) to audiences on and offline, and has conducted one on one training/consulting sessions resulting in over $1M in revenue for his associates.

As the host of a new real estate podcast called The Real Estate Lab, Vee gets to interview industry leaders and key opinion leaders for the best practices in today’s market.

In this episode learn about:
– VTBs/vendor financing insights
– Early deal success stories
– The importance of setting high goals
– The pitfalls of real estate investing
– Tips for negotiating VTBs
– What to look for in a landlord-friendly state
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