Handling Market Downturns and Getting Ready for the Upside

When Mathew Frederick, an investor of 38 years, faces looming recessions he tightens up, seeking efficiency and increasing revenue, but when COVID hits, he finds a new way to leverage the situation to his advantage, creating a compelling central conflict between his need to survive and his goal to make life better for himself and those he loves.

“What I’ve always done in these times is to tighten up. So a lot of people look at how I make more money. I first look at how I make everything more efficient. And then at the same time, I’ll actually look to increase my revenue as well. So again, I don’t worry as much about the situations I cannot control. What I can do is control me.”

Mathew Frederick is an experienced real estate investor who has been investing since 1984 and has gone through three recessions. He specializes in commercial real estate investments, including multifamily, strip plazas, and self-storage.

Having experienced three recessions in various places Mathew could be cautious, but rather than worrying about something he could not control, he chose to focus on what he could. He tightened his budget and used the time to learn, investing in himself so he could be prepared for the next recession.

He started out small, investing in two to three units, but then grew to thirty. He learned how to be efficient, and how to make his investments recession-, internet-, and pandemic-proof. After 38 years of investing, Mathew had become a master of knowing his expertise and adapting to survive any situation.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How to survive and thrive during a recession by controlling your own actions and taking the time to learn.
2. The pros and cons of investing in different asset types such as multifamily, strip plazas, self-storage, and warehousing.
3. The importance of creating a system to delegate tasks and maximize your skill set.

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