Mid Term Rentals – Your New Cash Flow Strategy

The podcast this week discusses the reasons why people are looking to pivot to midterm rentals, citing reasons such as the control over the guest population that midterm rentals offer. It also discusses how the economy affects the short-term rental market, and how this can be an advantage for midterm rentals.

It is becoming harder to run short-term rentals, as municipalities are banning them or putting restrictions on them. Mid-term rentals are a good option for those looking to still make money in the rental market, as they are less likely to face rules and regulations. Location is important when considering a mid-term rental, as it should be in an area that is attractive to potential guests.

Guests Sarah Larbi and Aisha Govani explain that it is important to target guests and make connections with them in order to increase occupancy levels at a property. They also advise that property owners ensure that the finishes and renovations at their property are of high quality in order to attract and retain guests.

Sarah Larbi and Aisha Govani are the co-founders of Mid Term Rental Properties Inc. an executive and corporate property rental company. They offer a variety of services, including housekeeping, lawn care, and chef services. They are currently working on expanding their services to include preferred vendor discounts and meal delivery.

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