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This week’s podcast guest is Sandro Ferreira, a Brazilian Canadian entrepreneur, real estate investor, certified coach, and professional public speaker. Sandro talks about his journey from working a nine-to-five job to becoming a full-time real estate investor and shares some tips on how to be successful in the industry.

Sandro immigrated to Canada in 2010 with the intention of buying a property. He found a condo that he liked but didn’t have the money for the down payment. He decided to use the money he had set aside for taxes to make the down payment, and ended up financing the purchase through the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)!

He then bought a second condo in the same building for investment purposes. In 2017, he started renting rooms in the investment condo to students, and the business was doing well until the pandemic hit in 2020. At that point, he realized he needed to get more education in order to continue growing his business. In 2019 he met a mentor, and by 2021 he had graduated from the program and owned 114 properties.

Sandro discusses the importance of having a positive mindset when pursuing goals. Sandro talks about how he was turned down many times when trying to get into the real estate investing business, but he never gave up. He says that he always pushes himself to prove people wrong and that he has never wanted to be the smartest person in the room. He feels that it is important to choose one thing and stick with it in order to be successful.

Sandro talks about his passion for real estate and how it has helped him to transform lives. He also discusses how he uses coaching to help him cope with bad days. When asked about a major lesson learned in his journey, he talks about the importance of following your dreams.

The major lesson is that we should never doubt our own abilities. If we believe that we can do something, we are more likely to be successful. This is especially important when starting out in business, as we may be limited by our own beliefs. To be successful, we should surround ourselves with people who have already achieved what we want to achieve, so that they can provide guidance and support. Finally, we should invest in our education so that we can change our lives and the lives of those around us.

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