From Poverty to Multi-Million Dollar Flipping

Tracey Fines is a real estate investor who has been flipping houses for 27 years. She is passionate about helping others achieve their real estate investing goals. In her recent presentation at a real estate investing event in Ottawa, she impressed Daniel St Jean and Victoria Cluney so much that they invited her to be a guest on the podcast. During the podcast, Tracy shares her story and some tips on how to be successful in real estate investing.

Tracey Fines spoke about her journey from being a nine-to-five employee to an entrepreneur, and how emotional the transition can be. She also talked about how she made the leap and what propelled her to continue doing what she loves.

She started off “accidentally” in the property business 15 years ago. She was able to buy her first property and then took advantage of the opportunity to buy a luxury flip property. She talks about how she found these properties and how the financial situation in North America allows people to own their own property.

Beginning her career as a corporate interior designer in 1990, six years later, she transitioned out of the nine-to-five job and into flipping homes. She did this for a number of years until she was finally able to leave her day job and pursue design full-time.

When taking a break from her career to have a baby, she then decided to continue flipping properties full-time. 

She is always looking to challenge herself and grow, which has led to the success she has had with more complex flips. She has done up to three multimillion-dollar flips at a time in the past but prefers to focus on one big project at a time now. Her biggest project to date is a 10 million-dollar house in Yorkville.

Tracey Fines talks about how people can get stronger and grow from challenges, and how viewing challenges as opportunities for growth can lead to more success. She also talks about her own journey with personal development and therapy, and how she has used her challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

She attributes her success to her ability to think creatively and see potential where others might not, as well as her willingness to take risks.

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