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Understanding Landlord and Tenant Issues – A Paralegals Perspective

The last two years have seen a continued decline in the functional running of the Landlord Tenant Board and landlords and real estate investors are having to be much more accurate in the application process and creative in their approaches to tenant issues. 

This is increasingly requiring the need to have an experienced legal representative on your case, otherwise, you run the risk of waiting 8-12 months for a hearing, failing, and having to start all over again. 

One such expert is Andrew Choubeta, a paralegal and fellow real estate investor. Andrew can often be found sharing almost unbelievable stories about his work in this area. However, in today’s episode, he delves deeply into the various processes to be aware of right now, proposed future changes, and potential rent freezes and bylaw updates. 

This is a must-listen episode for any real estate investor because it’s not a case of if you face a tenant issue but when. 

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Changes to the interpretations of N13’s and the impact on landlords
  • How the Ontario rental landscape might change 
  • Using Advanced Resolution Requests to speed things up
  • The rental market freeze – if and when it might happen
  • Short-term rental bylaws and changes
  • How landlords can protect their investments and portfolios
  • When a post-Nov 2018 rental increase may not apply.
  • Trying to find the mystery prosecutor 
  • The express lane for N7’s
  • Is there a solution to LTB dysfunction?

Andrew Choubeta is a paralegal that cares about landlords and their investments. Servicing all of Ontario, Andrew and his colleagues at Caveat LLP have a combined decade of experience dealing with investor-focused Landlord and Tenant issues. As an investor himself, Andrew has a results-driven approach to legal practice.

Get in touch with Andrew Choubeta:
Phone: 289-339-1311

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How to Have Real Estate Fund Your Life

People get involved in real estate and real estate for a variety of reasons. One of the most popular is to step away from the 9-5 and have it fund an enjoyable lifestyle.

Our podcast guest this week, Michael Dominguez, started investing when he and his wife were both working well-paid corporate jobs. But as he became more involved Michael decided to go into real estate full time, the choice he had to make was either as a realtor or a real estate investor because he found he couldn’t focus on both and have as much success.

In this episode, Michael shares what direction he took, how that has helped him build his portfolio, and now how he is helping others achieve similar results through his book. He also outlines a defining moment more recently when 3 clients passed away and how that pushed him to design the best life he is now leading and where that takes him.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Following the buy a property a year strategy
  • Choosing between becoming a realtor or a real estate investor full time
  • Structuring joint venture deals 
  • Identifying quality properties in quality neighborhoods
  • Finding ideal tenants who will leave in 2-5 years
  • Planning and preparing for market turmoil
  • Living the best life after having three clients pass away
  • Offering tenants the option to move out
  • Not being focused on building net worth

Get in touch with Michael Dominguez:

Michael Dominguez is an award-winning sales representative, a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, and the founder of Doors to Wealth Real Estate Group, a team of realtors focused on educating and assisting people in residential real estate. 

After becoming a realtor in 2008, Michael realized the opportunities in real estate investing and bought his first investment property, proceeding to add to his portfolio for 10 consecutive years. Throughout his realtor career, he has completed over 300 investment property transactions. 

When he entered real estate in 2008, Michael was drawn to people who saw real estate ownership as a vehicle for building wealth and reaching their goals. Many of his current and former clients were able to quit their full-time job, do more of what they wanted to do, and seek their passions. 
As an investor realtor, Michael discovered a real passion for helping others build their wealth so they can experience the choices and financial freedom they desire. 

Michael has been named Investor Realtor of the Year by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) twice, as well as Canadian Real Estate Magazine Investor Realtor of the Year. He was also awarded a RE/MAX Jazz Mentorship Award. 

In his downtime, Michael is a die-hard Los Angeles Dodgers fan and an avid traveler who desires to have as many once-in-a-lifetime experiences as possible in his life. Currently, he and his wife own 11 two-unit dwellings in Ontario, Canada. 

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Reflections on Last 2 Years and Where Are We Heading

When The REITE Club podcast reached 100 episodes who could have predicted what was going to happen to real estate and the world in general during the next 100?

But here we are, 2 years later, celebrating 200 episodes of the podcast.

Join The REITE Club Co-Founders, Laurel Simons, Daniel St. Jean, Sarah Larbi, and Alfonso Salemi as they share what they have been up to over the last two years, where they think things are heading for real estate in the short term and what you need to be doing to prepare for that.

They also share what their plans are for the next two years and where they hope to be by the time episode 300 rolls around as they Customize Their Lives. 

In this episode you will hear about:

  • Customizing your life through real estate 
  • Laurel’s adventures in wine and travel
  • Daniel’s pivot to out-of-country investing
  • Sarah’s development projects and strategy shift
  • Alfonso’s team expansion personally and professionally
  • Co-founder’s thoughts on the immediate future of real estate
  • Their future plans during the next 100 episodes

We’re Sarah Larbi, Alfonso Salemi, Laurel Simmons, and Daniel St-Jean. We’ve all been real estate investors for many years now, and we all have different experiences and specialties, especially when it comes to real estate investing! We look forward to connecting with you as our REITE Club community grows.


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Being a Mindful Landlord and Investing in Montreal

Being a Mindful Landlord and Investing in Montreal

After being dropped into property management while at University as a student house manager, Terrie Schauer took a harder look at the industry and a wider consideration of real estate investing as a career and business.

After first being a full-time Property Manager for a company in France she now manages a growing portfolio for herself and still manages properties for a number of select clients in Quebec.

Her Ph.D. and Masters have given her a passion for research and she spends time understanding the background of hot topics like affordable housing and rent control and then takes mindful decisions around her real estate investing direction and strategies.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Terrie shares her thoughts on the Montreal market, property management, discipline and preparation from being a word champion in Jiu Jitsu and her passion for applying mindfulness principles to Real Estate investing having written the #1 bestselling book on the topic, The Mindful Landlord.   

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Mindfulness and real estate investing  
  • Property management lessons early in life
  • How property management can be a gateway to other REI business 
  • Montreal market rentals and challenges
  • How to successfully hire a good property manager
  • CMHC and affordable housing 
  • Researching rent control and does it make sense 

Get in touch with Terrie Schauer:
Mindful Landlord book –
With 20+ years of experience as a Real Estate investor and property manager, Terrie is CEO & founder of MyRoom Gestion, a property management and Real Estate consulting group based in Montreal, Canada. She is the leading authority on applying mindfulness principles to Real Estate investing and has written the #1 bestselling book on the topic, Mindful Landlord.

Co-host of two wealth and real estate podcasts (The Mindful Wealth Podcast & The Real Estate Investor’s Club Podcast), her clients include business owners, executives and professionals who want to hedge the rat race and gain financial freedom through Real Estate. Her passion is to help fellow investors act for both profit and peace of mind.

Her key areas of expertise are Real Estate with a focus on holistic wealth, financial freedom, and female excellence in investing and beyond. She has given keynote addresses at Canadian Real Estate conferences on these topics.

Terrie holds a Ph.D. (SFU) and Masters degree from Oxford University. She is a two-time world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Her best-selling book, Mindful Landlord, is currently available on Amazon.

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