Lessons From Becoming a Full-Time Real Estate Investor

When they get started in real estate investing, the dream for many is to quit their 9-5 and become full-time investors and customize their lives. But how can you do that confidently and successfully? 

This week’s podcast guest, Jared Henderson was able to flip a property in January this year which gave him the cushion to take that step after 10 years of building his portfolio to 23 doors.

In this episode Jared shares his journey, his focus on student rentals and how he has switched his approach with the recent market downturns and rising interest rates. He also shares the importance of not only being able to analyze a property for one strategy but ensuring you have a plan B with such a volatile environment that is likely to be around for a while. 

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Getting started in real estate investing and growing to 23 properties
  • The changing student rental market 
  • How to address non-cash flowing properties
  • Going full-time into real estate investing
  • How to analyze a flip in today’s market
  • Delegating non-business building tasks
  • The balance of education and taking action
  • Networking and investing remotely

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