Investing in Real Estate as a Couple and as a Team

In this episode, you will learn about

  • On-market and Off-market Strategies
  • Result of Consistency and Compound effect on Business
  • Identifying your Roles, Goals, and Timelines
  • Power Teams
  • Hiring a Property Manager
  • Challenges in the Scaling Process
  • Resources for REI & Investing in Coaching Programs

Guest: Brandon and Carolina, Real Estate Investors

Brandon & Carolina Jimenez started investing about two years ago. They flipped the house they were living in and moved onto investment properties. For Brandon & Carolina to generate income, they jumped into a coaching program and saw themselves take off from it. They Focus on the BRRRR strategy and also do flips. They’re expecting their portfolio to yield about  $600,000 in rental revenues by the end of the year.

In this episode,  Brandon and Carolina discussed how they make the most out of on-market and off-market strategies. they also shared the result of consistency and the compounded effects on their business. This power couple also shared their challenges in the scaling process, how they surpassed these challenges, and what actions they had to do to overcome these challenges. Tune in to learn about the resources they use to increase their knowledge in Real estate investing.

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