From 0 to 300 doors: How to get there

In this episode, you will learn about :

  • Perks of multifamily buildings
  • How to acquire multiple apartment buildings
  • Single family vs multifamily
  • Critical steps you need to know in multifamily
  • How to create successful joint venture partnerships
  • Advantages of a good partnership

Guest: James Knull

James is a realtor, leader at the Mogul Realty Group team, and one of Western Canada’s top producing agents. He has grown and expanded into multiple cities. James acquired almost 300 rental units in his portfolio and has architected several large joint ventures bringing partners together to acquire exceptional properties. During Junior High High School, he did not have aspirations in Real Estate. When James was graduating from college, His Dad Talked to him and discussed his next steps in life that led to James’ buying a house and renting it to his friends. After he got his first success from it, he thought of duplicating it and purchasing another property on the block, which was another success, and that is where his love for Real Estate started.   

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