Get Out of Your Comfort Zone And Grow!

Guest: Danielle Unsworth, Real Estate Investor

Danielle started when she was 24 years old and she didn’t want to pay rent. She didn’t formalize her investing career until 2020. She says early on the potential that real estate investing offers. Instead of a big wedding, they used their funds to buy properties. Danielle’s husband lost his job in 2020 and they pivoted to becoming full-time real estate investors. Danielle shared how a coach helped her grow and scale. She looked at optimizing her existing portfolio and how to scale by pooling resources with family members and joint venture partners. Her journey is now leading her to larger multifamily properties, 24 units and up! Her progression was from single-family homes, small multis, and now much larger multis within a year. Get out of your comfort zone, speak to others and take action.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Sharing your journey on social media
  • JVs to continue scaling
  • Adding basement suites to maximize your existing portfolio
  • Forcing appreciation and refinancing
  • Pooling resources with family members
  • Moving to multifamily units

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