Land Development Is Not for the Faint of Heart!

Guest: Carina Guzmán, Real Estate Investor & Land Developer

Carina started out with buy and hold properties and then quickly got into land development. She even planned her second pregnancy leave from work so that she could work on her real estate projects. Carina now looks for undervalued land that could be re-zoned and valued differently. She goes through soil testing, environmental studies, and much more! Due diligence is very long and expensive. She puts a property under contract right away and then focuses on what’s next? 95% of the work is due diligence: creating the concept, highest and best use, pre-consultation with the city, and much more. A lot of upfront capital investment is required for these types of projects so make sure to be well equipped before proceeding! The risks are big but the rewards are enormous. Tune in for tons of useful information.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Focusing on transit-oriented
  • How to mitigate risk in land development
  • It’s all about relationships
  • What does the city support?
  • Go with the flow to scale up
  • The importance of the city’s official plan – it’s a treasure map!
  • Look for areas meant for intensification

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