Early Mistakes Can Lead To Great Success In The Future

Guest: Austin Yeh, Real Estate Investor

Austin was very candid about his rapid growth and early mistakes. What matters here is that he learned a great deal from taking on too much and not having the right systems in place. Austin discussed how having a power team and the right systems can make a world of difference in your real estate investing. He shared some great tips on how to acquire off-market properties, look for money partners, how to do JVs the right way and so much more!

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Early mistakes during the rapid growth phase
  • Quit his 9 to 5 
  • Started with only 40k in Windsor, Ontario
  • The importance of ARVs
  • JVs for success
  • Private money – private lenders
  • Toronto Life article that changed his life
  • Not over-leveraging!

Get in touch with Austin:
Website:  https://linktr.ee/austinyeh6

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