It’s Never Over If You Don’t Give Up – Investment Strategies For Hard Times

Guest: Natasha Phipps, Realtor & Real Estate Investor

Calgary’s economy is diversifying after years of ups and downs. And, it’s now a seller’s market in some areas. Natasha has been a realtor for over 12 years and her focus is now on out-of-province investors that are looking for turn-key, cash-flowing properties. She recommends investors keep a close eye on market variations as they can greatly impact their bottom line. The best opportunities in Calgary right now are “Buy and hold” suited homes in the suburbs. Condos and downtown apartments are not doing so well due to an oversupply. Natasha loves her job as she believes in long-term relationships that have a tangible impact on people’s lives. She also shared some amazing tips and tricks of the trade.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The Calgary, AB market
  • Turmoil can be an opportunity
  • How to build your power team
  • Be part of the solution when there is a problem
  • Find a community of investors as there are many naysayers out there… 
  • Out-of-province investors are now about 75% of Natasha’s clients
  • New home construction warranties vary by province

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