How to Invest In Rent-to-Own Using Other People’s Assets and None of Your Own Money – Daniel St-Jean REITE Club Co-Founder

Daniel St Jean has been in “sales & marketing” in one form all of his adult life. And in the last 25 years, he has bought, started, or sold ten different businesses. He has been a professional photographer, a publisher of educational material, calendars and greeting cards, the owner of a framing shop & art gallery, a professional tour guide, an independent distributor of health products, a speaker, a trainer, and a teacher. He has also written two published books; his first one became a Canadian bestseller in 1992.

Guest: The REITE Club Co-Founder, Daniel St Jean

Primary Investment Strategy: Joint Venture, Rent to Own

Portfolio: Owned 60+ properties, 35 LTO deals

In this episode learn about: 
– What is OPA (Other People’s Assets)
– How to tap into other peoples assests
– Learn about ROI and using OPA to grow your wealth
– The importance of networking to expand your business (Join, Attend, Network)

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More about Daniel:
Together with his wife Laurel Simmons, they have generated millions of dollars of business for their clients, customers, affiliates, and themselves. They’re very enthusiastic about achieving that level of success with the people who know them. THey love to help others, which is one of the main reasons why they LOVE their Tenant-First Lease-to-Own program. This has to be the best win-win-win situation they’ve ever created.