Finding Your Why as a Real Estate Investor – Laurel Simmons REITE Club Co-Founder

Laurel Simmons bought her first investment rental property in the early 80s when she really didn’t know what she was doing. Fast-forward to today, and along with her husband, Daniel St-Jean, Laurel is a partner in Safe and Sound Real Estate Investment Group which specializes in rent-to-own properties. She’s also the Grounding member of The REITE Club team – she holds the Founder’s toes to the fire and helps make sure the club’s events are the best they can possibly be.

Guest: The REITE Club Co-Founder, Laurel Simmons

Primary Investment Strategy: Joint Venture, Rent to Own

Portfolio: Owned 60+ properties, 35 LTO deals

In this episode learn about: 
– How to find your “WHY” as an Investor
– Biggest investors mistake on defining their strategy 
– Importance of taking down notes

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More about Laurel:
Laurel has spent over three decades working in the consulting world both with hi-tech and government organizations. She’s travelled the world as a consultant, speaker and trainer and finally, she’s travelling to where she wants to go WHEN she wants to go and for as LONG she wants to go without in any way having to worry about her clients.