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The Reite Real Estate Investing Review: Reflecting and Looking Forward

Join Laurel Simmons and Katherine Nelson-Riley in this year-end episode of The REITE Club podcast as they unravel the crucial trends and insights that every real estate investor should have on their radar.


With their trademark friendliness and expertise, they dissect the impact of underutilized housing tax (UHT) and shed light on alternative investment avenues, international opportunities, and maximizing property value.

Delve into episodes featuring industry experts and gain valuable insights on navigating market uncertainties, raising capital, and staying ahead in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

This episode isn’t just about information – it’s a guide, a compass, and a friend in your real estate journey. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just finding your footing, this podcast is a goldmine of knowledge that can keep you compliant and ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of real estate investing.

Tune in and take your investment game to new heights!

In this episode, you’ll be able to:
  • Discover the latest real estate investing trends for maximizing profits.
  • Uncover the potential implications of underutilized housing tax for your investments.
  • Explore alternative types of real estate investing to diversify your portfolio.
  • Gain insights into real estate investment opportunities in Alberta’s thriving market.
  • Learn effective multifamily investing strategies for long-term success.
Here are the episodes you can give a listen to:

222 | Mar 17th |Daniel DiManno | Laurel & Katherine | Underused Housing Tax – Serious Implications for Real Estate Investors types of REInvesting 
246 | Sept 1 | Darvin Zurfluh & Steve Blasiak | Laurel & Katherine | From Fun to Fortune: Investing in Campgrounds & Glamping
255 | Nov 3 | Martin Mei | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 1) From Duplexes to Self Storage: Unlocking a Path to Success
256 | Nov 10 | Martin Mei | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 2) Maximizing Returns in the Self-Storage Sector in Alberta
225 | April 7th | James Knull | Laurel & Katherine | Secrets to Real Estate Investing in Edmonton, Calgary & Vancouver
227 | April 21st | Svetlana Pessotski | Laurel & Katherine | Discover the Affordable, High-Growth Market of Calgary Real Estate
242 | Aug 04 | Natasha Phipps | Laurel & Katherine | Understanding Private REITs and Building Wealth

Outside of Canada
221 | Mar 10th | Andrew Choubeta | KNR & Victoria | Is Africa the New Real Estate Frontier?
232 | May 26th | Glen Sutherland | Laurel & Katherine | Mastering U.S Real Estate: Challenges & Opportunities

224 | Mar 31st | Seth Ferguson | Laurel & Katherine | Taking the Fear Out of Multi Family Investing
247 | Sept 8 | Mark Baltazar | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 1) From Peaks to Plateaus: Exploring the Ontario Multifamily Market
248 | Sept 15 | Mark Baltazar | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 2) Supercharge Your Real Estate Ventures with Multi Family

Creatively Increasing Value Add   
223 | Mar 24th | Jamil Rahemtula | Laurel & Victoria | Upgrading Properties to Attract Better Tenants
234 | June 9th | Ken Bekendam | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 1) From 2 to 5 Units: Ontario’s Housing Opportunities
238 | July 7 | Drew Toth | Laurel & Katherine | Creating Vibrant Communities: Financial and Social Responsibility (Part 1)
239 | July 14 | Drew Toth | Laurel & Katherine | A Vision for Sustainable and Walkable Neighbourhoods (Part 2)
240 | July 21 | Craig Race | Laurel & Katherine | Embracing Change: Evolution of Housing and the Role of Laneway and Garden Suites

244 | Aug 18 | Ronald De Coteau | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 1) Key Insights for Maximizing ROI: Unlocking Property Potential
245 | Aug 25 | Ronald De Coteau | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 2) Zoning and Policy Changes: Key Factors Shaping Real Estate Success

Special Edition – Best & Worst REI
250 | Sept 29 | Glen Sutherland | Laurel & Katherine | SPECIAL EDITION Best & Worst REI Story
| Martin Mei | Laurel & Katherine | SPECIAL EDITION Best & Worst REI Story
| James Knull | Laurel & Katherine | SPECIAL EDITION Best & Worst REI Story

220 | Mar 3rd | Mathew Frederick | Laurel & Victoria | Handling Market Downturns and Getting Ready for the Upside
228 | April 28th | Georges El Masri | Laurel & Katherine | Proven Strategies for Overcoming Real Estate Investment Hurdles and Obstacles
233 | June 2nd | Raj Malhi | Laurel & Katherine | Shifting the Real Estate Investor’s Mindset for Optimal Results
243 | Aug 11 | Alfonso Cuadra | Laurel & Katherine | Building a Multimillion-Dollar Portfolio: The Mindset Shift
257 | Nov 17 | Tim Tsai | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 1) Achieve Your Real Estate Dreams with Personalized Mentorship
258 | Nov 24 | Tim Tsai | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 2) From Novice to Pro: How Financial Education Propels Real Estate Investors
259 | Dec 1 | Nancy Morris | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 1) Overcoming Doubt and Embracing Change: Navigating Real Estate Investing
260 | Dec 8 | Nancy Morris | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 2) The Confidence Formula: Unlocking Your Potential through Controllable Factors

Raising Money
236 | June 23rd | Dave Dubeau | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 1) Expert Tips for Establishing Credibility and Raising Your First $100,000
237 | June 30th | Dave Dubeau | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 2) How to Use Social Media to Attract Investors
252 | Oct 13 | Mel & Dave Dupuis | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 1) Maximizing Returns in Real Estate: Diversification Strategies for Aspiring Investors
253 | Oct 20 | Mel & Dave Dupuis | Laurel & Katherine | (Part 2) From Mindset to Millions: Finding Financial Freedom in Real Estate

Uncovering Opportunity: Your Path to Real Estate Investing Resilience

Get ready to be inspired by Julie Hoffman’s incredible real estate journey, from flipping homes to making millions. But just when everything seemed perfect, disaster struck, and Julie faced the threat of bankruptcy. Will she be able to save herself from ruin? Find out in this gripping tale of resilience and determination.

I have an unfair advantage, as Robert Kiyosaki would say, because I was raised by a real estate investor. – Julie Hoffman
In this episode you’ll be able to: 
  • Master Your Real Estate Investing Journey: Uncover the insider secrets to kickstart your success in real estate investing.
  • Supercharge Your Sales Techniques in Real Estate: Learn the game-changing tactics to close deals and maximize profits in real estate sales.
  • Overcome Obstacles in Real Estate with Ease: Discover how to navigate and conquer the common hurdles in real estate investing.
  • Unlock the power of networking and seminars to propel your real estate career to new heights.
  • Cultivate Resilience and Adaptability in Real Estate: Embrace the strategies to thrive and adapt in the ever-evolving world of real estate investing.

Julie Hoffman is an experienced real estate investor with over 20 years of industry knowledge. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate the ever-changing real estate market, successfully building a robust portfolio.

What sets her apart is her unique ability to balance her real estate ventures with the demands of being a mother to six children. Her dedication and commitment to both her family and her business showcase her exceptional time management skills and determination.

Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring investors, proving that it is possible to achieve financial freedom while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. With a wealth of practical insights and expertise, she offers valuable advice and guidance to those looking to embark on their own real estate investing journey.

There was so much great information and insights that we split our conversation with Julie into two parts. Tune into Part 1 of The REITE Club podcast to learn from Julie’s experiences and gain valuable knowledge to fuel your real estate investing endeavours.

Get in touch with Julie Hoffman:

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Mastering Foreclosure Investing: Successful Due Diligence Strategies

Many real estate investors in Canada may already be taking action, such as blindly purchasing foreclosed properties without conducting proper due diligence. As a result, they may face costly surprises, such as hidden liens, extensive repairs, or legal complications, that hinder their decision-making and expose them to unnecessary risks.

Foreclosures can represent some really good opportunity, but you can’t get caught up in the auction effect and end up overpaying. You’ve got to be disciplined and know your numbers just like with any other investment property. – AJ Hazzi

In this episode, you will be able to:
  • Master the Canadian foreclosure process to make informed investment decisions.
  • Discover the secrets of buying foreclosure properties in Canada for profitable real estate ventures.
  • Uncover the differences between Canadian and US foreclosures for strategic investment insights.
  • Learn the importance of due diligence in foreclosures to minimize risks and maximize returns.
  • Build credit for real estate success and unlock new investment opportunities in Canada.

AJ Hazzi is a highly experienced real estate investor and foreclosure specialist with a deep understanding of the Canadian foreclosure market. With a background in competitive boxing, he brings a disciplined and strategic approach to his work.

Having worked with both British Columbia and Arizona foreclosures, he has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the foreclosure process in different jurisdictions. His expertise is helping investors navigate the complexities of foreclosures by emphasizing the importance of due diligence.

He understands the risks and provides practical advice to investors to make informed decisions. His track record of success in the foreclosure market speaks to his ability to identify opportunities and mitigate risks. His insights and expertise make him a trusted resource for real estate investors seeking to capitalize on the potential of Canadian foreclosures.

Get in touch with AJ Hazzi here: 
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The Confidence Formula: Unlocking Your Potential through Controllable Factors

In the world of real estate investing, uncertainty can be a constant companion, leaving many investors feeling helpless and anxious. But what if I told you that one woman discovered a game-changing strategy that transformed her mindset and led to incredible success?
Focus on the things you can control – your attitudes and actions. By staying focused on these, you are less likely to be impacted by the ups and downs of the market. – Nancy Morris
Meet Nancy Morris, a highly experienced real estate investor, our esteemed guest on The REITE Club podcast. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, She has established herself as a trusted authority in the field. She is a firm believer in the power of controllable factors to build confidence and achieve success in real estate investing.

Her focus on goal setting and mindset has helped numerous investors navigate the ever-changing market with ease. Her practical advice and insights provide valuable strategies for increasing confidence and productivity. As you listen to Nancy’s interview, you can expect to gain valuable insights and actionable tips to enhance your real estate investing journey. Prepare to be inspired and empowered by Nancy Morris’s expertise and practical approach to building confidence through controllable factors.

In this episode you’ll be able to:

  • Boost your real estate investing success with these proven strategies.
  • Skyrocket your performance goals by focusing on what you can control.
  • Build unstoppable confidence through mastering the controllable factors in real estate.
  • Unleash your full potential with a self-awareness and mindset shift.
  • Achieve holistic personal development and set powerful goals for real estate success.
Get in touch with Nancy Morris:
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Overcoming Doubt and Embracing Change: Navigating Real Estate Investing

Discover the secrets to managing change and negativity in real estate investing as hosts Laurel Simmons and Katherine Nelson-Riley are joined by guest Nancy Morris. Uncover the power of an internal locus of control, the importance of setting boundaries, and the brain hacks that can help you stay positive.

Nancy is highly experienced and has been a guest on The REITE Club podcast multiple times. She has become a trusted authority with her wealth of knowledge and expertise. She has shared valuable insights on managing change and negativity, highlighting the importance of mindset and adaptability in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the real estate market.

Her practical advice and relatable approach make her a go-to resource for investors looking to overcome challenges and succeed in their real estate ventures. Her ability to address the mindset needed to thrive in the industry is both informative and inspiring. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights from Nancy and take your real estate investing journey to the next level.

Self-awareness is key to managing change and negativity. Understand your relationship with others and how you usually respond. You have the power to work it out and work through it. – Nancy Morris
In this episode, you will be able to:
  • Master the art of managing change and negativity to thrive in the dynamic world of real estate investing.
  • Develop a positive and growth-oriented mindset to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the real estate market.
  • Set clear and achievable goals to drive success and maximize your returns in real estate investments.
  • Build self-efficacy and belief in yourself to make confident decisions and take bold actions in the competitive real estate industry.
  • Prioritize personal growth and continuous learning to stay ahead of the game and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of real estate investing.
Get in touch with Nancy Morris:
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