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How to Use Social Media to Attract Investors 

Social media has become a transformative force in today’s linked world as information spreads quickly, changing how people communicate, share ideas, and conduct business.  

Among its myriad applications, the real estate industry has harnessed the potential of social media platforms to foster connections, engage with investors, and propel growth. One expert who has successfully navigated this digital landscape is Dave Dubeau, a renowned figure in real estate investment.

This episode continues our conversation from part 1 of last week’s episode with Dave, where he shared Expert Tips for Establishing Credibility and Raising Your First $100,000.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unlock the secret to establishing valuable relationships with key real estate players.
  • Explore the impact of sharing your real estate experiences on social platforms for growth.
  • Realize the dangers of over-estimating or under-estimating potential investors.
  • Find out how perseverance and taking chances can kickstart your real estate ventures.
  • Understand why having a capital-raising strategy early on sets you up for investing success.

Please get to know Dave Dubeau, an experienced real estate investor who has made it his mission to provide an authentic look at his journey through social media. Dave believes that sharing the highs and lows of real estate investing can help empower and educate beginners. His personable, conversational approach invites his audience to follow along comfortably and engagingly as they explore the ins and outs of real estate investing.

His journey into real estate investing started with a twist of fate. Faced with limited job prospects and no credit, he dove headfirst into the world of real estate and completed 18 deals in just 18 months. He recognized the power of social media as a platform to document his real estate journey, and he wholeheartedly embraced it. Through sharing his experiences, both triumphs and setbacks, he captivated the attention of potential investors and forged invaluable partnerships.

Today, Dave dedicates himself to guiding novice real estate investors, teaching them how to leverage social media platforms effectively. He empowers others to showcase their journeys and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for real estate.

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Expert Tips for Establishing Credibility and Raising Your First $100,000

In the dynamic world of business and finance, establishing credibility and raising capital are paramount for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Aspiring to build a solid foundation and secure the necessary resources to turn their visions into reality, individuals often seek the guidance of experienced professionals who have mastered these crucial aspects of the industry. One such expert is Dave Dubeau, a renowned authority in the realm of real estate investing and capital acquisition.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand the significance of pinpointing your niche to pique the interest of potential investors.
  • Master the art of securing your first $100,000 by showcasing your credibility among existing contacts.
  • Employ innovative techniques for generating revenue through real estate and short-term rentals.
  • Recognize the impact of networking and maintaining a strong presence in the real estate investing community.
  • Find ways to dive into lucrative deals and contribute value to obtain equity in return.

Dave Dubeau, a real estate entrepreneur, podcaster, bestselling author, and private capital specialist, resides in Kamloops, BC. With an impressive track record and years of experience in the industry, Dave has developed strategic and targeted methods that go beyond traditional approaches to raising capital, enabling investors to attract funding effectively and build prosperous partnerships.

His unique approach focuses on creating curiosity, fostering genuine connections, and providing value to potential investors, resulting in a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

He emphasizes that selling, marketing, and networking are transferable skills that can be refined through determination and practice. Investors must recognize that rejection is a natural part of the investment process and that perseverance is key.

By continually refining their skills, beginner investors can gradually move past the fear of rejection and establish successful real estate ventures.

What truly distinguishes Dave is not only his expertise but also his genuine passion for helping others succeed. Beginners and aspiring investors find his friendly and approachable personality incredibly valuable as they navigate the challenges and intricacies of the real estate landscape.

With his guidance, they can gain the necessary knowledge, confidence, and strategies to establish credibility and achieve remarkable results in their own ventures.

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Transforming Historic Buildings into Luxury Living Spaces

As cities evolve and societal needs shift, the repurposing of commercial buildings and the initiation of land development projects have emerged as crucial strategies for optimizing urban spaces and fueling sustainable growth. These endeavours not only breathe new life into underutilized structures but also pave the way for innovative and purposeful land use.

This week’s podcast episode is Part 2 of a conversation with Ken Bekendam with a focus on Transforming Historic Buildings into Luxury Living Spaces.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Grasp the significance of adhering to zoning bylaws and building codes for smooth project completion.
  • Explore the financial and environmental advantages of repurposing commercial properties into residential spaces.
  • Embrace the necessity of innovative approaches and novel ideas in the competitive real estate sector.
  • Discover ways to maintain humility and eagerness to learn for a thriving real estate investment journey.
  • Envision how the housing landscape will be influenced by land development and preserving historical sites.

Ken Bekendam is an accomplished real estate investor and architectural design consultant who specializes in transforming commercial buildings into residential spaces. He has a background in landscape architecture and has founded his own company that focuses on designing, building, and managing construction projects. Ken’s team of talented designers collaborates to create sustainable and innovative solutions for underutilized spaces.

There are numerous opportunities for real estate investors to explore when it comes to repurposing commercial buildings and initiating land development projects. Ken shared his passion for unique ventures such as a 68-unit stacked townhouse development and an adaptive reuse project that transformed a church into luxury apartments. His innovative mindset and willingness to tackle challenging projects breathe new life into existing spaces, bolster the local economy, and provide diverse housing options.

He also emphasizes the importance of preserving heritage buildings and engaging in respectful consultations with indigenous communities. By integrating history, culture, and tradition into his developments, Ken contributes meaningfully to communities while creating valuable housing opportunities.

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From 2 to 5 Units: Ontario’s Housing Opportunities

Property conversions for multifamily usage have become increasingly popular in the dynamic world of real estate development. Reusing existing buildings presents an alluring possibility as urbanization continues to fuel demand for homes. Ken Bekendam is here to share the key factors to consider when converting properties for multifamily use.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore creative ways to revamp existing homes and enhance housing availability.
  • Delve into the intricacies of zoning and building code rules for multigenerational living spaces.
  • Recognize the advantages of embracing lot severances as a foundation for land development projects.
  • Understand the impact of compliance with building codes and zoning regulations on a flourishing real estate business.
  • Ignite your innate curiosity and problem-solving prowess to excel in real estate ventures.

Ken Bekendam is a real estate investor and contractor who has honed his skills in transforming existing properties into multi-unit dwellings. He possesses extensive knowledge and experience in construction, zoning bylaws, and building codes, making him a valuable asset for investors who want to maximize the potential of their properties.

One of Ken’s key areas of focus is converting houses into multi-unit rentals. By utilizing his expertise, he helps investors identify opportunities to add additional housing units to existing properties, thereby increasing rental income potential. This approach is not only financially beneficial for investors but also addresses the growing demand for affordable housing and promotes densification in urban areas.

He also mentioned that when converting houses and adding housing units, it’s crucial to understand and comply with zoning regulations and become familiar with the relevant bylaws. Compliance with zoning rules mitigates renovation issues while adhering to building codes ensures safety and cost-effectiveness. Ken advises looking for sizable buildings with deep lots for zoning compliance and properties with generous side yards for parking. Understanding these considerations is vital for successful multifamily conversions.

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Shifting the Real Estate Investor’s Mindset for Optimal Results

Have you heard these myths about the importance of communication and collaboration in real estate transactions?

  • Myth #1: You don’t need to communicate with your team, just let them do their job.
  • Myth #2: Collaboration is a waste of time – you’ll get more done working alone.
  • Myth #3: Communication is overrated – just get the deal done.

But here’s the truth: effective communication and collaboration are essential for successful real estate transactions. And our guest, Raj Malhi, is here to share why.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Strengthen your ability to collaborate and maintain open lines of communication in real estate transactions.
  • Tackle emotions and establish realistic expectations in the negotiation process.
  • Master the process of qualifying tenants to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship and the protection of client interests.
  • Pursue a path of serving others to unlock your full potential and foster personal growth.
  • Explore the advantages of starting your savings and real estate investment journey at a younger age.
  • Set boundaries in your real estate business to ensure a healthy work-life balance and avoid burnout.

For those feeling frustrated and defeated because their collaborative mindset fails to yield successful real estate deals, Raj Malhi’s insights will offer solace. Her journey from struggling student to successful real estate expert showcases her determination and growth. Her story goes beyond professional success, as she demonstrates empathy and resilience in unexpected ways. Through her personal experiences, Raj has become an inspiring leader who has been shaped by the challenges she has faced.

Raj Malhi is a highly respected real estate agent and educator with over six years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area market. With a Master of Science in Education, Raj combines her passion for teaching with her extensive knowledge of real estate, providing a personalized approach that suits the learning styles of her clients. 

She emphasizes effective communication and collaboration, empowering her clients with the confidence and knowledge to navigate the market successfully. Raj highlighted the importance of having a growth mindset that emphasizes learning, open communication, and flexibility when dealing with the challenges and opportunities in real estate investments. 

She shares her own experiences with failure and success in the industry, emphasizing the importance of learning from setbacks. She encourages sharing these lessons with others, particularly newcomers. By being honest and open, personal and professional development can be positively influenced. 

Her dedication to serving her clients and her innovative approach to real estate have made her a sought-after professional in the industry, as she strives to guide investors, buyers, and sellers toward achieving their property goals.  

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