Losing It All as a Teenage Actor To Building a Real Estate Empire

Guest: Robby Clark, Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur
What would you do if you were a teenage actor and lost all of your money? Would you feel sorry for yourself and give up, or would you try to get back on your feet? Well, this week’s guest Robby Clark, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur, decided not to give up. He ended up making all his money back again by waiting tables and then getting introduced to real estate investing.

Robby provides insights and advice on how to build your portfolio from nothing and how to decide which markets to invest in. His story is very motivational and highlights perseverance to the core. Robby’s main message is to get started, set high goals, and don’t ever quit.

In this episode you will learn about:
– How did you go from a teenage actor to building a real estate business?
– Importance of building a great team
– Advice on coping with naysayers
– Insights on the ups and downs of the economy
– The determining factors for investing in a market

Robby Clark grew up in the entertainment business and was a teen actor growing up. He ended up losing all of his money so he paid his dues and waited tables. Then he discovered the power of real estate investing in his early twenties and never looked back. He now has 250+ doors and focuses on finding undervalued homes, renovating them and recouping the value at the end.

As the owner of Sid Developments, Robby leads a network of companies & JV partnerships dedicated to redeveloping & improving small emerging cities across Ontario. They focus on finding undervalued assets, legalizing inefficiencies, and performing medium and major restorations.

Canada’s need for housing and support outside of its large cities is one of the most significant investment opportunities in the modern era. With philanthropic aid to raise cities from a depressed state, Sid Developments provides stability and support to citizens, property owners, renters, business owners, and municipalities. In short, they purchase and encourage others to buy in areas where the project cost is less expensive than the build cost.

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