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Working with Your Spouse to Build a Successful Real Estate Investing Business with Alex and Kaely Pal

Alex & Kaely are real estate investors, realtors, entrepreneurs, husband and wife duo and the founders Pal Property Solutions. Through their investing journey, they have seen and gone through many of the challenges that both new and seasoned investors face on a day-to-day basis.

Guests: Real Estate Investors, Alex & Kaely Pal

Primary Investment Strategy: BRRR Strategy

Portfolio:  12 owned properties

In this episode learn about: 
– Quick tips and tricks to use on your contractor to work
– Advantages of spending you reno-budget
– Putting your goals together with your JV/business partner

To get it touch with Alex and Kaely you can email them at for Alex and for Kaely or visit their website at

More about Alex and Kaely:
Alex & Kaely have a strong belief in creating and maintaining relationships and they work together to help individuals work towards financial freedom. Being investors themselves, they know of the joys and pains of watching a project come to fruition.

Whether it’s finding the right deal, obtaining the proper permits from city hall, or coordinating construction and trades we’ve learned some tricks of the trade. Their goal is to help others achieve their own goals through real estate investing and show you a behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to get you there.