Working with an Educational Contracting Company

Renovations can make or break a real estate investment property and there are a number of factors that will contribute to that. The overarching factor though is to work with a contractor who has the experience AND the honesty to quote a project that not only works with your budget but also ensures you come out with a profitable conclusion.

Our podcast guest this week, Jon Tenbrinke of Black Jack Contracting, was the youngest ever Master Electrician in Ontario and this drive and desire to be the best at what he does has transformed his company to be one of the most trusted renovation contractors for real estate investors in the GTA.

In this episode, Jon shares a number of insights and advice that you need to pay attention to and also gives us some of the downsides of not heeding that advice. This straight-talking approach is why Jon stands by his quote guarantees and why his company has been able to complete over 230 basement conversions over the last 5 years and his consulting and coaching services are in such high demand.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • State of the contracting business as we come out of the pandemic.
  • What an Educational Contracting Company is.
  • Lessons learned from converting over 230 basement suites.
  • Why communicating with both investor and JV partner is critical.
  • 3 top things to do to maximize refi value.
  • 3 biggest mistakes investors make when wanting renovations.

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